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Short response times and high availability are essential for Internet service providers. The first step of an Internet connection is the use of name servers. Special attention is therefore needed for this step.

Global Distribution

The locations of the nodes of ironDNS® have been selected with great care. To ensure low network latencies for end users, the nodes are distributed globally. The chosen data centres possess at least one tier 1 connection, the “royal league” of Internet connections.

A sophisticated monitoring system recognizes load trends at an early stage and allows for timely enhancements. Thanks to the most modern blade server technology, capacity upgrades are a relatively simple task.

Ambitious Expansion Plan

Apart from the vertical expansion at the listed locations, ironDNS® will also grow horizontally. It is planned to double the number of locations by the end of 2014.

Where the new locations will be depends significantly on the wishes of customers and the behaviour of Internet users. Although details are not fixed yet, the Asian continent can be expected to play a particularly important role.

Tabular Overview *

City Country Continent
Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Dortmund Germany Europe
Hong Kong China Asia
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
Miami United States of America North America
New York United States of America North America
San Francisco United States of America North America
São Paulo Brasil South America
Seoul South Korea Asia
Stockholm Sweden Europe

* subject to change at any time