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The Control Panel offers a wealth of functions for managing a domain portfolio.

It is intuitive and easy to use. Due to the sensible use of AJAX, it always shows only those parts that are needed in the current context. This way, menus do not become cluttered and offer newcomers an easy start in domain management. On the other hand, it still offers enough leeway for professionals to configure everything in detail.

Good examples for the above are assigning IPv6 addresses, TSIG management or the complex topic of DNSSEC. By default, the system does the management, but allows professional users to intervene.

Statistics: More than a game of numbers

All relevant data of a domain are visible in the statistics section. Among them are accesses, types of records requested by Internet users as well as many other significant parameters helping customers in optimizing their domain portfolio.

Furthermore, threshold values can be defined, triggering actions when reached. This feature can be used to notice capacity limitations of a web server early on, for instance.